Touchstone Diabetes Center

Metabolic Phenotyping Core

Plasma Lipoprotein Fractionation

This service separates serum or plasma cholesterol into VLDL, LDL and HDL components using a Superose 6 10/300 GL gel filtration column and quantitates each fraction. Samples should be fresh, and no less than 4 days old. Do not freeze samples. Frozen samples will give inconsistent and inaccurate results. If samples are to be stored for more than one day, add Aprotinin to prevent ApoB degradation. Store samples at 4 degrees.

Price is $90 per sample.

Fractionation only $40 per sample.

FPLC fplc-b

Due to the manner in which the samples must be treated, you must contact the core for scheduling before you start your experiment and collect your samples. For questions and scheduling, please contact: Ruth Gordillo / Duyen Do

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