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Sphingolipid Profiling LC-MS/MS

Instrumentation: Two LC/MS/MS systems are currently housed in UT Southwestern Metabolic Phenotyping Core, a Shimadzu Prominence XR HPLC system coupled to a SCIEX 5000 triple quadrupole mass spectrometer with APCI and Electrospray ionization modes and a Shimadzu Nexera X2 UHPLC system coupled to a Shimadzu LCMS-8050 ultrafast scanning triple quadrupole mass spectrometer with Dual (APCI/ESI) ion source. Both systems are the ideal tool for accurate quantitation of low-concentration species in samples with complex matrix composition.

General guidelines for all sample types.

Consistency in sample handling and collection is critical. For samples belonging to the same study, please avoid changes in the sample collection technique, time of sampling, time from collection to freezer, etc.

Samples should be frozen immediately (or as soon as possible) after collection and should be stored at -80C until shipping.

For plasma, serum, and pulverized tissue samples, please use polypropylene cryovials (or polypropylene microcentifuge tubes for volumes of plasma and serum smaller than 100 microliters).
For tissue samples , please contact the Core before submission.

Required sample amounts:

Human plasma/serum 200 microliters
Mouse plasma/serum 50-75 microliters.
Tissue samples 30-40 mg (contact the Core)

Please label sample tubes with permanent markers while tubes are warm (cold tubes will not hold the ink) or use specialized freezer safe labels. Include as much information as possible from each sample (volume of sample, sample weight, etc.). Please exclude any patient identifier in the case of human samples.

Please label samples using a series of sequential numbers.

Samples should be frozen as soon as possible after collection and stored at -80C until shipping. Flash freezing in liquid nitrogen is ideal. However, if these resources are not available, immediate placement of tubes in a -80 °C freezer is acceptable.

 Samples should be shipped on dry ice including a hard copy of the list of samples contained in the shipment.


UT Southwestern Investigators

10 samples batch

$90 per sample

15 samples batch

$80 per sample

20 samples batch

$70 per sample

30 samples batch

$60per sample

50 samples batch

$50 per sample

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For questions and scheduling, please contact Ruth Gordillo.

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