Touchstone Diabetes Center

2017/2018 Publications               

Primary Papers, Reviews and Commentaries from the Lab in 2017-2018:

Kusminski CM, Scherer PE. 2018.
New zoning laws enforced by glucagon.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A., in press

Deng Y, Wang ZV, Gordillo R, Zhu Y, Ali A, Zhang C, Wang X, Shao M, Zhang Z, Iyengar I, Gupta RK, Horton JD, Hill JA, Scherer PE. 2018.
Adipocyte Xbp1s overexpression drives uridine production and reduces obesity
Molecular Metabolism, in press

Ye R, Gordillo R, Shao M, Onodera T, Chen Z, Chen S, Lin X, SoRelle JA, Li X, Tang M, Keller MP, Kuliawat R, Attie AD, Gupta RK, Holland WL, Beutler B, Herz J, Scherer PE. 2018.
Intracellular lipid metabolism impairs β-cell compensation during diet-induced obesity
J. Clin. Inv., 128(3):1178-1189

Wang QA, Zhang F, Jiang L, Ye R, An Y, Shao M, Tao C, Gupta RK, Scherer PE. 2018.
PPARγ and its Role in Adipocyte Homeostasis and Thiazolidinedione-Mediated Insulin Sensitization
Mol. Cell Biol., in press

Zhu Y, Kruglikov IL, Akgul Y, Scherer PE. 2018.
Hyaluronan in Adipogenesis, Adipose Tissue Physiology and Systemic Metabolism
Matrix Biology, in press

Zhang Z, Scherer PE. 2018.
The dysfunctional adipocyte — a cancer cell’s best friend
Nat Rev Endocrinol., 14(3):132-134

Zhu Q, Scherer PE. 2018.
Immunologic and endocrine functions of adipose tissue: implications for kidney disease.
Nat Rev Nephrol., 14(2):105-120

Zhang F, Hao G, Shao M, Hassan G, An YA, Wang Q, Zhu Y, Kusminski CM, Nham K, Gupta RK, Zhai Q, Sun X, Scherer PE*, Oz OK*. 2018.
An Adipose Tissue Atlas: An Image Guided Identification of Human-like BAT and Beige Depots in Rodents.

Cell Metabolism, 27(1):252-262.

Xia JY, Sun K, Hepler C, Ghabenn AL, Gupta RK, An YA, Holland WL, Morley TS, Adams AC, Gordillo R, Kusminski CM, Scherer PE. 2017.
Acute Loss of Adipose Tissue-Derived Adiponectin Triggers Immediate Metabolic Deterioration.
Diabetologia, 61(4):932-941

Zhu Y, Zhao S, Deng Y, Gordillo R, Ghaben AL, Shao M, Zhang F, Xu P, Li Y, Cao H, Zagnitko O, Scott DA, Gupta RK, Xing C, Zhang BB, Lin HV, Scherer PE. 2017.
Hepatic GALE Regulates Whole Body Glucose Homeostasis by Modulating Tff3 Expression.
Diabetes, 66(11):2789-2799

Kruglikov IL, Scherer PE. 2017.
General theory of skin reinforcement.
PLoS One. 12(8):e0182865

Kruglikov IL, Scherer PE. 2017.
Adipocyte-myofibroblast transition as a possible pathophysiological step in androgenetic alopecia.
Exp Dermatol. 26(6):522-523

An YA, Sun K, Joffin N, Zhang F, Deng Y, Donzé O, Kusminski CM, Scherer PE. 2017.
Angiopoietin-2 in White Adipose Tissue Improves Metabolic Homeostasis through Enhanced Angiogenesis.
eLife, e24071

Tao C, Holland WL, Wang QA, Shao M, Lin J, Sun K,  Lin X, Kuo Y-C, Johnson JA, Gordillo R, Elmquist, JK and P E Scherer. 2017.
Short-Term vs. Long-Term Effects of Adipocyte Toll-like Receptor 4 Activation on Insulin Resistance in Male Mice.
Endocrinology, 158(5):1260-1270

Park J*, Kim M*, Sun K*, An YA*, Gu X and P E Scherer. 2017.
VEGF-A expressing adipose tissue shows rapid beiging, enhanced survival after transplantation and confers IL4-independent metabolic improvements.
Diabetes, 66(6):1479-1490                *equal contributions

Deng Y, Wang ZV, Gordillo R, An Y, Zhang C, Liang Q, Yoshino J, Cautivo KM, De Brabander J, Elmquist JK, Horton JD, Hill JA, Klein S and PE Scherer. 2017.
An Adipo-Biliary-Uridine Axis that Regulates Energy Homeostasis.
Science, 355(6330)

Holland WL, Xia JY, Johnson JA, Sun K, Pearson MJ, Sharma AX, Quittner-Strom E, Tippetts TS, Ruth Gordillo R, Scherer PE. 2017.
Mol. Metab., 6(3):267-275

Holland WL and PE Scherer. 2017.
Structural biology: Receptors grease the metabolic wheels.
Nature, 544(7648):42-44

Ghaben AL and PE Scherer. 2017.
Pas de Deux: Glucagon and Thyroid Hormone Moving in Perfect Synchrony
Circulation Res., 120(5):762-764

Crewe C, An YA, Scherer PE. 2017.
The Ominous Triad of Adipose Tissue Dysfunction:
Inflammation, Fibrosis and Impaired Angiogenesis
J. Clin Invest., 127(1):74-82.


Collaborative Papers and Reviews 2017-2018:

Akgul Y, Constantine R, Bartels M, Scherer P, Davis K, Kenkel JM. 2018.
Utility of Adipocyte Fractions in Fat Grafting in an Athymic Rat Model.
Aesthet Surg J., in press

Ou K, Zhang J, Jiao Y, Wang ZV, Scherer P, Kaestner KH. 2018.
Overexpression of ST5, an activator of Ras, has no effect on β-cell proliferation in adult mice.
Mol Metab., in press

Apostolopoulou M, Gordillo R, Koliaki C, Gancheva S, Jelenik T, De Filippo E, Herder C, Markgraf D, Jankowiak F, Esposito I, Schlensak M, Scherer PE, Roden M. 2018.
Specific hepatic sphingolipids relate to insulin resistance, oxidative stress and inflammation in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis.
Diabetes Care, in press

Wang X, Bi X, Zhang G, Deng Y, Luo X, Xu L, Scherer PE, Ferdous A, Fu G, Gillette TG, Lee AS, Jiang X, Wang ZV. 2018.
Cell Death Differ., in press

Zhang Z, Zi Z, Lee EE, Zhao J, Contreras DC, South AP, Abel ED, Chong BF, Vandergriff T, Hosler GA, Scherer PE, Mettlen M, Rathmell JC, DeBerardinis RJ, Wang RC. 2018.
Differential glucose requirement in skin homeostasis and injury identifies a therapeutic target for psoriasis.
Nat Med., in press

Wilson RJ, Drake JC, Cui D, Zhang M, Perry HM, Kashatus JA, Kusminski CM, Scherer PE, Kashatus DF, Okusa MD, Yan Z. 2017.
Conditional MitoTimer reporter mice for assessment of mitochondrial structure, oxidative stress, and mitophagy.
Mitochondrion, in press

Udit S, Burton M, Rutkowski JM, Lee S, Bookout AL, Scherer PE, Elmquist JK, Gautron L. 2017.
Nav1.8 neurons are involved in limiting acute phase responses to dietary fat.
Mol Metab.;6(10):1081-1091.

Vernay A, Marchetti A, Sabra A, Jauslin TN, Rosselin M, Scherer PE, Demaurex N, Orci L, Cosson P. 2017.
MitoNEET-dependent formation of intermitochondrial junctions.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A;114(31):8277-8282

Nitschké M, Bell A, Karaman S, Amouzgar M, Rutkowski JM, Scherer PE, Alitalo K, McDonald DM. 2017.
Retrograde Lymph Flow Leads to Chylothorax in Transgenic Mice with Lymphatic Malformations.
Am J Pathol. 187(9):1984-1997

Marangoni RG, Masui Y, Fang F, Korman B, Lord G, Lee J, Lakota K, Wei J, Scherer PE, Otvos L, Yamauchi T, Kubota N, Kadowaki T, Asano Y, Sato S, Tourtellotte WG, Varga, J. 2017.
Adiponectin is an endogenous anti-fibrotic mediator and therapeutic target.
Sci Rep.;7(1):4397

Wang M-Y, Yu X, Lee Y, McCorkle SK, Chen S, Li J, Wang ZV, Davidson JA, Scherer PE, Holland WL, Unger RA, and Roth MG. 2017.
Dapagliflozin suppresses glucagon signaling in rodent models of diabetes.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 114(25):6611-6616

Casimiro MC, Di Sante G, Di Rocco A, Loro E, Pupo C, Pestell T, Bisetto S, Velasco-Velàzquez MA, Jiao X, Li Z, Kusminski CM, Seifert EL, Wang C, Ly D, Zheng B, Shen CH, Scherer PE,  Pestell RG. 2017.
Cyclin D1 restrains oncogene-induced autophagy by regulating the AMPK-LKB1 signaling axis.
Cancer Res., 77(13):3391-3405

Hajarnis S, Lakhia R, Yheskel M, Williams D, Sorourian M, Liu X, Aboudehen K, Zhang S, Kersjes K, Galasso R, Li J, Kaimal V, Lockton S, Davis S, Flaten A, Johnson J, Holland WL, Kusminski CM, Scherer PE, Harris PC, Trudel M, Wallace DP, Igarashi P, Lee EC, Androsavich JR, Patel V. 2017.
microRNA-17 family promotes polycystic kidney disease progression through modulation of mitochondrial metabolism
Nat. Comm., 8:14395

Tanowitz HB, Scherer PE, Mota MM, Figueiredo LM. 2017.
Adipose tissue - a safe haven for parasites?
Trends in Parasitology, 33(4):276-284

Dufurrena Q, Amjad FM, Scherer PE, Weiss LM, Nagajyothi J, Roth J, Tanowitz HB, Kuliawat R. 2017.
Alterations in pancreatic β cell function and Trypanosoma cruzi infection: evidence from human and animal studies.
Parasitol Res., 116(3):827-838

Lu Z, Xie J, Wu G, Shen J, Collins R, Chen W, Kang X, Luo M, Zou Y, Huang LJ, Amatruda JF, Slone T, Winick N, Scherer PE, Zhang CC. 2017.
Fasting selectively blocks development of acute lymphoblastic leukemia via leptin-receptor upregulation.
Nat Med., 23(1):79-90

Jun JC, Devera R, Unnikrishnan D, Shin MK, Bevans-Fonti S, Yao Q, Rathore A, Younas H, Halberg N, Scherer PE, Polotsky VY. 2017.
Adipose HIF-1α causes obesity by suppressing brown adipose tissue thermogenesis.
J Mol Med (Berl)., 95(3):287-297

Zhang D, Wang X, Wang B, Garza J, Fang X, Wang J, Scherer PE, Brenner R, Zhang W, Lu XY. 2017.
Adiponectin modulates contextual fear extinction and intrinsic excitability of dentate gyrus granule neurons through AdipoR2 receptors.
Molecular Psychiatry, 22(7):1044-1055

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