Touchstone Diabetes Center

2016/2017 Publications               

Primary Papers, Reviews and Commentaries from the Lab in 2016/2017:

An YA, Sun K, Joffin N, Zhang F, Deng Y, Donzé O, Kusminski CM, Scherer PE. 2017.
Angiopoietin-2 in White Adipose Tissue Improves Metabolic Homeostasis through Enhanced Angiogenesis.
eLife, in press

Tao C, Holland WL, Wang QA, Shao M, Lin J, Sun K,  Lin X, Kuo Y-C, Johnson JA, Gordillo R, Elmquist, JK and P E Scherer. 2017.
Short-Term vs. Long-Term Effects of Adipocyte Toll-like Receptor 4 Activation on Insulin Resistance in Male Mice.
Endocrinology, in press

Park J*, Kim M*, Sun K*, An YA*, Gu X and P E Scherer. 2017.
VEGF-A expressing adipose tissue shows rapid beiging, enhanced survival after transplantation and confers IL4-independent metabolic improvements.
Diabetes, in press *equal contributions

Deng Y, Wang ZV, Gordillo R, An Y, Zhang C, Liang Q, Yoshino J, Cautivo KM, De Brabander J,
Elmquist JK, Horton JD, Hill JA, Klein S and PE Scherer. 2017.

An Adipo-Biliary-Uridine Axis that Regulates Energy Homeostasis.
Science, 355(6330)

Holland WL, Xia JY, Johnson JA, Sun K, Pearson MJ, Sharma AX, Quittner-Strom E, Tippetts TS, Ruth Gordillo R, Scherer PE. 2017.
Mol. Metab., 6(3):267-275

Holland WL and PE Scherer. 2017.
Greasing the Adiponectin Receptor Ceramidase
Nature, in press

Ghaben AL and PE Scherer. 2016.
Pas de Deux: Glucagon and Thyroid Hormone Moving in Perfect Synchrony
Circulation Res., 120(5):762-764

Crewe C, An YA, Scherer PE. 2017.
The Ominous Triad of Adipose Tissue Dysfunction:
Inflammation, Fibrosis and Impaired Angiogenesis
J. Clin Invest., 127(1):74-82.

Sun K, Park J, Kim M, Scherer PE. 2016.
Endotrophin, a multifaceted player in metabolic dysregulation and cancer progression , is a predictive biomarker for the response to PPARg agonist treatment.
Diabetologia, 60(1):24-29

Rutkowski JM, Pastor J, Sun K, Park SC, Bobulescu IA, Chen CT, Moe OW, Scherer PE. 2016.
Adiponectin alters renal calcium and phosphate excretion through regulation of klotho expression.
Kidney International, 91(2):324-337

Zhu Y, Gao Y, Tao C, Shao M, Zhao S, Huang W, Yao T, Johnson JA, Liu T, Cypess AM, Gupta O, Holland WL, Gupta RK, Spray DC, Tanowitz HB, Cao L, Lynes MD, TsengY-H, Elmquist JK, Williams KW, Lin HV, Scherer PE. 2016.
Connexin-43 Mediates White Adipose Tissue Beiging by Facilitating the Propagation of Sympathetic Neuronal Signals.
Cell Metabolism, 24(3):420-33

Kruglikov IL, Scherer PE. 2016.
Skin Aging: Are Adipocytes the next target?
Aging-US, 8(7):1457-69

Turer AT, Scherer PE. 2016.
Adiponectin – just along for the Ride?
Circulation Res., 119(3):407-8

Scherer PE, Hill JA. 2016.
Obesity, Diabetes, and Cardiovascular Diseases: A Compendium.
Circulation Res., 118(11):1703-5

Ye R, Wang M, Wang QA, Spurgin SB, Wang ZV, Sun K, Scherer PE. 2016.
Autonomous interconversion between adult pancreatic α-cells and β-cells after differential metabolic challenges.
Mol. Metab., 5 (2016) 437e448

Wernstedt Asterholm I, Kim JY, Rutkowski JM, Crewe C, Tao C, Scherer PE. 2016.
Pathological Type-2 Immune Response, Enhanced Tumor Growth and Glucose Intolerance in RELMβ Null Mice - A Model of Intestinal Immune System. Dysfunction in Disease Susceptibility.
American Journal of Pathology, 186(9):2404-16

Kusminski CM, Bickel PE, Scherer PE. 2016.
Targeting adipose tissue in the treatment of obesity-associated diabetes.
Nature Drug Discovery, 15(9):639-60

Wang QA, Scherer PE. 2016.
Human Beige Adipocytes: Epiphenomenon or Drivers of Metabolic Improvements?
Trends Endocrinol Metab., 27(5):244-6

Scherer PE. 2016.
The Multifaceted Roles of Adipose Tissue - Therapeutic Targets for Diabetes and Beyond: The 2015 Banting Lecture.  
Diabetes, 65(6):1452-61

Stern JH, Rutkowski JM, Scherer PE. 2016.
Adipose Tissue Crosstalk: Adiponectin, Leptin, and Fatty Acids in the Maintenance of Metabolic Homeostasis.
Cell Metabolism, 23(5):770-84

Wernstedt Asterholm I, Scherer PE. 2016.
Fibrosis-streaks and splatters: Some things are not always what they seem to be.
Obesity (Silver Spring); 24(3):552-3.

Kusminski CM, Chen S, Ye R, Sun K, Wang QA, Spurgin SB, Sanders PE, Brozinick JT, Li WE, Unger RH and PE Scherer. 2016.
MitoNEET-Parkin Effects in Pancreatic α- and β-Cells, Cellular Survival and Intra-Insular Crosstalk.
Diabetes, 65(6):1534-55

Wang ZV,  Scherer PE. 2016.
Adiponectin, the past two decades.
J Mol Cell Biol. 8(2):93-100

Iyengar P, Scherer PE. 2016.
Slim without the gym — the magic of chilling out.
Nature Reviews Endocrinology, 12(5):252-4

Kruglikov IL, Scherer PE. 2016.
Dermal adipocytes and hair cycling: Is spatial heterogeneity a characteristic feature of the dermal adipose tissue depot?
Exp Dermatol., 25(4):258-62

Zhu Y, Crewe C, Scherer PE. 2016.
Hyaluronan in adipose tissue: Beyond dermal filler and therapeutic carrier.
Sci Transl Med., 8(323):323ps4

Kruglikov IK, Scherer PE. 2016.
DERMAL ADIPOCYTES: From Irrelevance to Metabolic Targets?
Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism, 27(1):1-10.

Collaborative Papers and Reviews in 2016:

Hajarnis S, Lakhia R, Yheskel M, Williams D, Sorourian M, Liu X, Aboudehen K, Zhang S, Kersjes K, Galasso R, Li J, Kaimal V, Lockton S, Davis S, Flaten A, Johnson J, Holland WL, Kusminski CM, Scherer PE, Harris PC, Trudel M, Wallace DP, Igarashi P, Lee EC, Androsavich JR, Patel V. 2016.
microRNA-17 family promotes polycystic kidney disease progression through modulation of mitochondrial metabolism
Nat. Comm., 8:14395

Dufurrena Q, Amjad FM, Scherer PE, Weiss LM, Nagajyothi J, Roth J, Tanowitz HB, Kuliawat R. 2016.
Alterations in pancreatic β cell function and Trypanosoma cruzi infection: evidence from human and animal studies.
Parasitol Res., 116(3):827-838

Lu Z, Xie J, Wu G, Shen J, Collins R, Chen W, Kang X, Luo M, Zou Y, Huang LJ, Amatruda JF, Slone T, Winick N, Scherer PE, Zhang CC. 2016.
Fasting selectively blocks development of acute lymphoblastic leukemia via leptin-receptor upregulation.
Nat Med., 23(1):79-90

Sanada Y, Yamamoto T, Satake R, Yamashita A, Kanai S, Kato N, van de Loo FA, Nishimura F, Scherer PE, Yanaka N. 2016.
Serum Amyloid A3 Gene Expression in Adipocytes is an Indicator of the Interaction with Macrophages.
Sci Rep., in press

Han YH, Buffolo M, Pires KM, Pei S, Scherer PE, Boudina S. 2016.
Adipocyte-Specific Deletion of Manganese Superoxide Dismutase Protects from Diet-Induced Obesity Via Increased Mitochondrial Uncoupling and Biogenesis.
Diabetes, 65(9):2639-51

Tanowitz HB, Scherer PE, Mota MM, Figueiredo LM. 2016.
Adipose tissue - a safe haven for parasites?
Trends in Parasitology, in press

Fujikawa T, Castorena CM, Pearson M, Kusminski CM, Ahmed N, Battiprolu PK, Kim KW, Lee S, Hill JA, Scherer PE, Holland WL, Elmquist JK. 2016.
SF-1 expression in the hypothalamus is required for beneficial metabolic effects of exercise.
Elife; 5. pii: e18206

Jun JC, Devera R, Unnikrishnan D, Shin MK, Bevans-Fonti S, Yao Q, Rathore A, Younas H, Halberg N, Scherer PE, Polotsky VY. 2016.
Adipose HIF-1α causes obesity by suppressing brown adipose tissue thermogenesis.
J Mol Med (Berl)., 95(3):287-297

Sun J, Gao Y, Yao T, Huang Y, He Z, Kong X, Yu KJ, Wang RT, Guo H, Yan J, Chang Y, Chen H, Scherer PE, Liu T, Williams KW. 2016.
Adiponectin potentiates the acute effects of leptin in arcuate Pomc neurons.
Mol Metab., 5(10):882-91

Gehrand AL, Hoeynck B, Jablonski M, Leonovicz C, Ye R, Scherer PE, Raff H. 2016.
Sex differences in adult rat insulin and glucose responses to arginine: programming effects of neonatal separation, hypoxia, and hypothermia.
Physiol Rep., 4(18).

Haas ME, Levenson AE, Sun X, Rutkowski JM, Nephrotic Syndrome Study Network, Schumacher VA, Scherer PE, Salant DJ, Biddinger SB. 2016.
PCSK9 as a Mediator of Nephrotic Syndrome-associated Hypercholesterolemia.
Circulation, 134(1):61-72

Peri-Okonny PA, Ayers C, Maalouf N, Das SR, de Lemos JA, Berry JD, Turer AT, Neeland IJ, Scherer PE, Vongpatanasin W. 2016.
Adiponectin predicts incident hypertension independent of body fat distribution: observations from the Dallas Heart Study.
Diabetes Metab Res Rev., in press

Kruglikov IL, Scherer PE, Wollina U. 2016.
Are dermal adipocytes involved in psoriasis?
Exp Dermatol., 25(10):812-3

Senol-Cosar O, Roth Flach R, DiStefano M, Chawla A, Nicoloro S, Straubhaar J, Gupta O, Noh HL, Kim J, Wabitsch M, Scherer PE, Czech M. 2016.
Tenomodulin promotes human adipocyte differentiation and beneficial visceral adipose tissue expansion.
Nat. Comm., 16;7:10686

Davidson JA, Holland WL, Roth MG, Wang MY, Lee Y, Yu X, McCorkle SK, Scherer PE, Unger RH. 2016.
Glucagon therapeutics, dawn of a new era for diabetes care.
Diabetes Metab Res Rev., 32(7):660-665

Dasuri K, Pepping JK, Fernandez-Kim SOK, Gupta S, Keller JN, Scherer PE, Bruce-Keller AJ. 2016.
Elevated Adiponectin Prevents HIV Protease Inhibitor Toxicity and Preserves Cerebrovascular Homeostasis in Mice.
BBA - Molecular Basis of Disease, 1862(6):1228-35

Zhang D, Wang X, Wang B, Garza J, Fang X, Wang J, Scherer PE, Brenner R, Zhang W, Lu XY. 2016.
Adiponectin modulates contextual fear extinction and intrinsic excitability of dentate gyrus granule neurons through AdipoR2 receptors.
Molecular Psychiatry, in press

Valero-Munoz M, Li S, Wilson RM, Hulsmans M, Aprahamian T, Fuster JJ, Nahrendorf M, Scherer PE , Sam F. 2016.
Heart Failure With Preserved Ejection Fraction Induces Beiging in Adipose Tissue.
Circ Heart Fail., 9(1):e002724

Kursawe R, Dixit VD, Scherer PE, Santoro N, Narayan D, Gordillo R, Giannini C, Lopez X, Pierpont B, Nouws J, Shulman GI, Caprio S. 2016.
A role of the Inflammasome in the low storage capacity of the abdominal subcutaneous adipose tissue in obese adolescents.
Diabetes, 65(3):610-8

2015 Publications

Tan CY*, Virtue S*, Murfitt S, Yi HP, Dale M, Griffin J, Tinahones F, Scherer PE, Vidal-Puig A. 2015.
Adipose tissue fatty acid chain length and mono-unsaturation increases with obesity and insulin resistance.
Sci Rep., 5:18366

Ye R*, Wang QA*, Tao C, Vishvanath L, Shao, M, McDonald, JG, Gupta RK, Scherer PE. 2015.
Impact of Tamoxifen on Adipocyte Lineage Tracing: Inducer of Adipogenesis and Prolonged Nuclear Translocation of Cre Recombinase.
Mol. Metabolism., 4(11):771-8                      *equal contributions

Kusminski CM, Gallardo Montejano V, Wang ZV, Hegde V, Bickel PE, Dhurandhar N, Scherer PE. 2015.
E4orf1 Induction in Adipose Tissue Promotes Insulin-independent Signaling in the Adipocyte.
Mol. Metabolism., 4(10):653-64

Xia* JX, Holland* WL, Kusminski CM, Sun K, Sharma AX, Pearson MJ, Sifuentes AJ, McDonald JG, Gordillo R
and PE Scherer. 2015.         *equal contribution

Targeted Induction of Ceramide Degradation Leads to Improved Systemic Metabolism and Reduced Hepatic Steatosis.
Cell Metabolism, 22(2):266-278

Wang QA, Tao C, Jiang L, Shao M, Ye R, Zhu Y, Gordillo R, Ali A, Lian Y, Holland WL, Gupta RK and PE Scherer. 2015.
Distinct Regulatory Mechanisms Govern Embryonic versus Adult Adipocyte Maturation.
Nat. Cell Biol., 17(9):1099-111

Morley TS, Xia JX and PE Scherer. 2015.
Selective Enhancement of Insulin Sensitivity in the Mature Adipocyte is Sufficient for Systemic Metabolic Improvements.
Nature Comm., 6:7906

Ye R, Wang M, Qiong A, Wang QA, Scherer PE. 2015.
Adiponectin-mediated anti-lipotoxic effects in regenerating pancreatic islets.
Endocrinology, 156(6):2019-28

Kusminski CM, Scherer PE. 2015.
Leptin beyond the lipostat: key component of blood pressure regulation.
Circ Res., 116(8):1293-5

Rutkowski JM, Stern JH, Scherer PE. 2015.
The Cell Biology of Fat Expansion.
J. Cell Biol., 208(5):501-512

Stern JH and P E Scherer. 2015.
Adipose Tissue Biology in 2014.
Nat Rev Endocrinol.; 11(2):71-2

Warshauer JT, Lopez X, Gordillo R, Hicks J, Holland WL, Anuwe E, Blankfard M, Scherer PE, Lingvay I. 2015.
Effect of Pioglitazone on Plasma Ceramides in Adults with Metabolic Syndrome.
Diabetes Metab Res Rev., 31(7):734-44

Mansuy-Aubert V, Gautron L, Lee S, Bookout AL, Kusminski C, Sun K, Zhang Y, Scherer PE, Mangelsdorf DJ, Elmquist JK. 2015.
Loss of the liver X receptor LXRα/β in peripheral sensory neurons modifies energy expenditure.
Elife.   eLife.06667

Marangoni RG, Korman B, Wei J, Wood TA, Graham L, Whitfield ML, Scherer PE, Tourtellotte WG J Varga. 2015
Myofibroblasts in cutaneous fibrosis originate from adiponectin-positive intradermal progenitors.
Arthritis Rheumatol. 156(4):1504-13

Stone KP, Wanders D, Calderon LF, Spurgin SB, Scherer PE,  Gettys TW. 2015.
Compromised responses to dietary methionine restriction in adipose tissue but not liver of ob/ob mice.
Obesity, 23(9):1836-44

Combs TP, Snell-Bergeon JK, Maahs DM, Bergman BC, Lamarche M, Iberkleid L, Abdel Baky O, Tisch R, Scherer PE and Marliss EB. 2015.
Adiponectin: SOGA Dissociation in Type 1 Diabetes.
J Clin Endocrinol Metab., 100(8):E1065-73.

Burrill JS, Long, EK, Reilly B, Deng Y, Armitage IM, Scherer PE and DA Bernlohr. 2015.
Inflammation and ER Stress Regulate Branched Chain Amino Acid Uptake and Metabolism in Adipocytes.
Mol Endocrinol, 29(3):411-20

Jin Z, Du Y, Schwaid AG, Asterholm IW, Scherer PE, Saghatelian A, Wan Y. 2015.
Maternal Adiponectin Controls Milk Composition to Prevent Neonatal Inflammation.
Endocrinology, 156(4):1504-13

Gunter MJ, Wang T, Cushman M, Xue X, Wassertheil-Smoller S, Strickler HD, Rohan TE, Manson JE, McTiernan A, Kaplan RC, Scherer PE, Chlebowski RT, Snetselaar L, Wang D, Ho GYF. 2015.
Circulating Adipokines and Inflammatory Markers and Postmenopausal Breast Cancer Risk.
J. Natl Cancer Inst., 16;107(9)

Beg MS, Saleem S, Turer A, Ayers C, de Lemos JA, Khera A, Scherer PE, Lakoski SG. 2015.
A Prospective Analysis of Plasma Adiponectin and Risk of Incident Cancer: The Dallas Heart Study.
J Natl Compr Canc Netw., 13(7):873-8

de Seigneux S, Courbebaisse* M, Rutkowski* JM, Wilhelm- Bals* A, Metzger M, Khodo SN, Hasler U, Chehade H, Dizin E, Daryadel A, Stengel B for the NEPHROTEST study group, Girardin E, Prié D, Wagner CA, P E Scherer , Martin P-Y, Houillier P and E Feraille. 2014.
Proteinuria increases plasma phosphate by altering its tubular handling.
J Am Soc Nephrol., 26(7):1608-18

Hansen MT, Forst B, Cremers N, Quagliata L, Ambartsumian N, Grum-Schwensen B, Klingelhöfer J, Abdul Al A, Herrmann P, Osterland M, Stein U, Nielsen G, P E Scherer PE, Lukanidin E, Sleeman JP and M Grigorian. 2015.
A link between inflammation and metastasis: Serum Amyloid A1 and A3 induce metastasis, and are targets of metastasis-inducing S100A4.
Oncogene, 34(4):424-35

2014 Publications

Baskin KK, Grueter CE, Kusminski CM, Holland WL, Bookout AL, Satapati S, Kong YM, Burgess SC, Malloy CR, Scherer PE, Newgard CB, Bassel-Duby R and EN Olson. 2014.
MED13-dependent signaling from the heart confers leanness by enhancing metabolism in adipose tissue and liver.
EMBO Mol Med.;6(12):1610-21.

Burke S, Nagajyothi F, Thi MM, Hanani M, Scherer PE, Tanowitz HB, Spray DC. 2014.
Adipocytes in both brown and white adipose tissue of adult mice are functionally connected via gap junctions: implications for Chagas disease.
Microbes Infect.;16(11):893-901.

Lee Y, Berglund ED, Yu X, Wang MY, Evans MR, Scherer PE, Holland WL, Charron MJ, Roth MG and RH Unger. 2014.
Hyperglycemia in rodent models of type 2 diabetes requires insulin-resistant alpha cells.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A.;111(36):13217-22

Tanaka K, Wilson RM, Essick EE, Duffen JL, Scherer PE, Ouchi N and F. Sam. 2014.
Effects of adiponectin on calcium-handling proteins in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction.
Circ Heart Fail.; 7(6):976-85.

Ryu TY, Park J, and P E Scherer. 2014.
Hyperglycemia as a risk factor for cancer progression.
Diabetes Metab J., 38(5):330-6

Nagajyothi F, Weiss LM, Zhao D, Koba W, Jelicks LA, Cui MH, Factor SM,

P E Scherer and HB Tanowitz. 2014.
High Fat Diet Modulates Trypanosoma cruzi Infection Associated Myocarditis.
PLoS Negl Trop Dis 8(10): e3118.

Kim M, Neinast MD, Frank AP, Sun K, Park J, Zehr JA, Vishvanath L, Morselli E, Amelotte M, Palmer BF, Gupta RK, P E Scherer and DJ Clegg. 2014.
ERα upregulates Phd3 to ameliorate HIF-1 induced fibrosis and inflammation in adipose tissue.
Mol Metab.;3(6):642-51

Ye R, Holland WL, Gordillo R, Wang M, Wang QA, Shao M, Morley TS, Gupta, RK, Stahl A, and P E Scherer. 2014. Adiponectin is essential for lipid homeostasis and survival under insulin deficiency and promotes β-cell regeneration. eLife, 3:e03851

Wernstedt Asterholm I, Tao C, Morley TS, Wang QA, Delgado-Lopez F,
Wang ZV and P E Scherer. 2014. Adipocyte Inflammation is Essential
for Healthy Adipose Tissue Expansion and Remodeling.
Cell Metabolism, 20(1):103-18


Kusminski CM, Park JY and P E Scherer. 2014.
MitoNEET-Mediated Effects on Browning of White Adipose Tissue
Nature Comm, 5:3962

Lin J, Vianna C, Fukuda M, Berglund E, Liu C, Tao C, Sun K, Liu T, Harper M, Lee CE, Lee S, P E Scherer* and JK Elmquist*. 2014.
*co-corresponding authors
Hepatocyte Toll-like receptor 4 regulates obesity-induced inflammation and insulin resistance
Nature Comm, 5:3878

Williams KW, Liu T, Kong X, Fukuda M, Deng Y, Berglund ED, Deng Z, Gao Y, Liu T, Sohn J-W Jia L, Fujikawa T, Kohno D, Scott MM, Lee S, Lee CE, Sun K, Chang, Y., P E Scherer .* and J. K. Elmquist*. 2014. *co-senior authors
Xbp1s in Pomc neurons connects ER stress with energy balance and glucose homeostasis
Cell Metabolism, 20(3):471-82

Park* J, Morley* T S, Kim M, Clegg DJ and P E Scherer. 2014
Obesity and Cancer: Underlying Mechanisms for Progression and Recurrence
Nat Rev Endocrinol., 10(8):455-65
*equal contribution

Sun K, Kusminski CM, Luby-Phelps K, Spurgin SB, An YA,

Wang QA, Holland WL and P E Scherer. 2014.
Brown Adipose Tissue Derived VEGF-A Modulates Cold Tolerance and Energy Expenditure

Mol Metabolism, 3(4):474-83

Sun* K, Park* J, Gupta O, Holland WL, Landrock Auerbach P, Zhang N, Goncalves Marangoni R, Nicoloro SM, Czech MP, Varga J, Ploug T, An Z and

P E Scherer. 2014.
Endotrophin Triggers Adipose Tissue Inflammation and Metabolic Dysfunction
Nature Comm, 5:3485 * equal contribution

Wernstedt Asterholm* I, Rutkowski* JM, Fujikawa T, Cho YR, Fukuda M, Tao C, Wang ZV, Gupta RK, Elmquist JK And P E Scherer. 2014.
Elevated Resistin Levels Induce Central Leptin Resistance and Increased Atherosclerotic Progression
Diabetologia, 57(6):1209-1 * equal contribution

Rutkowski JM, Halberg N, Wang QA, Holland WL, Xia JX and P E Scherer. 2014.
Differential transendothelial transport of adiponectin complexes
Cardiovascular Diabetology, (1):47

Ye R and P E Scherer. 2014.
Fabp4, a New Player in the Adipo-Pancreatic Axis

Mol. Metabolism, 3(4):347-8

Wen JJ, Nagajyothi F, Machado FS, Weiss LM, P E Scherer , Tanowitz HB and NJ Garg. 2014.
Markers of oxidative stress in adipose tissue during Trypanosoma cruzi infection.
Parasitol Res., 113(9):3159-65

Berglund ED, Liu T, Kong X, Sohn JW, Vong L, Deng Z, Lee CE, Lee S, Williams KW, Olson DP, P E Scherer , Lowell BB and JK Elmquist. 2014.
Melanocortin 4 receptors in autonomic neurons regulate thermogenesis and glycemia.

Nat Neurosci., 17(7):911-3

Liu M, Bai J, He S, Villarreal R, Hu D, Zhang C, Yang X, Liang H, Slaga TJ, Yu Y, Zhou Z, Blenis J,P E Scherer , Dong LQ and F Liu. 2014.
Grb10 Promotes Lipolysis and Thermogenesis by Phosphorylation-Dependent Feedback Inhibition of mTORC1

Cell Metabolism, 19(6):967-80.

Samocha-Bonet D, Dixit VD, Kahn CR, Leibel RL, Lin X, Nieuwdorp M, Pietiläinen KH, Rabasa-Lhoret R, Roden M, P E Scherer , Klein S and E Ravussin. 2014.
Metabolically healthy and unhealthy obese - the 2013 Stock Conference report
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For a review series on Adiponectin
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The AdipoChaser Mouse: A Model Tracking Adipogenesis in vivo
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Isolation and Quantitation of Adiponectin Higher Order Complexes
Volume: Methods of Adipose Tissue Biology; Edited by O.A. MacDougald
Methods in Enzymology, 537:243-59

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The anatomical basis for wrinkles.
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Ronning After The Adiponectin Receptors
Science, 342(6165):1460-1

Wang ZV, Deng Y, GaoN, Pedrozo Z, Li DL, Morales CR, Criollo A, Luo X, Tan W, Jiang N, Lehrman MA, Rothermel BA, Lee AH, Lavandero S, Mammen PPA, Ferdous A, Gillette TG, P E Scherer and J A Hill. 2014.
Spliced X-Box Binding Protein 1 Couples the Unfolded Protein Response to Hexosamine Biosynthetic Pathway.
Cell, 156, 1179–1192

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Improved Methodologies for the Study of Adipose Biology:
Insights Gained and Opportunities Ahead
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Liu C, Bookout AL, Lee S, Sun K, Jia L, Lee C, Udit S, Deng Y, P E Scherer, Mangelsdorf DJ, Gautron L and J K Elmquist. 2014
PPARγ in Vagal Neurons Regulates High-Fat Diet Induced Thermogenesis
Cell Metabolism, 19(4), 722-730

Liu M, Bai J, He S, Villarreal R, Hu D, Zhang C, Yang X, Liang H, Slaga TJ, Yu Y, Zhou Z, Blenis J,P E Scherer, Dong LQ and F Liu. 2014.
Grb10 Promotes Lipolysis and Thermogenesis by Phosphorylation-Dependent Feedback Inhibition of mTORC1
Cell Metabolism, in press

Mundy DI, Lopez AM, Posey KS, Chuang JC, Ramirez CM, P E Scherer and SD Turley. 2014.
Impact of the loss of caveolin-1 on lung mass and cholesterol metabolism in mice with and without the lysosomal cholesterol transporter, Niemann-Pick type C1.
Biochim Biophys Acta., 1841(7):995-1002

Bueno AC, Sun K, Martins C, Junior J E, Miranda W, Tao C, Foss-Freitas MC, Barbieri MA, Bettiol H, de Castro M, P E Scherer and SR Antonini. 2014.
A Novel ADIPOQ Mutation (p.M40K) Impairs Assembly of High-Molecular-Weight Adiponectin and Is Associated With Early-Onset Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome
J Clin Endocrinol Metab., 99(4):E683-93

Zhu H, Guariglia S, Li W, Brancho B, Wang ZV, P E Scherer and CW Chow. 2014.
Role of Extracellular Signal-Regulated Kinase 5 in Adipocyte Signaling
J. Biol. Chem., 289(9):6311-22

Tso SC, Qi X, Gui WJ, Wu CY, Chuang JL, Wernstedt-Asterholm I, Morlock LK, Owens KR, P E Scherer, Williams NS, Tambar UK, Wynn RM and DT Chuang. 2014.
Structure-guided Development of Specific Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Kinase Inhibitors Targeting the ATP-binding Pocket
J Biol Chem., 289(7):4432-43

Lackey DE, Burk DH, Ali MR, Mostaedi R, Smith WH, Park J, P E Scherer, Seay SA, McCoin CS, Bonaldo PE and SH Adams. 2014.
Contributions of adipose tissue architectural and tensile properties toward defining healthy and unhealthy obesity
Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab, 306(3):E233-46

Mitsnefes, M, P E Scherer , Aronson Friedman, L, Gordillo, R, Furth, S, Warady, B for the CKiD study group. 2014.
Ceramides and cardiac function in children with chronic kidney disease Pediatric Nephrology
Pediatr Nephrol, 29(3):415-22


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