Touchstone Diabetes Center

Paper of the Week!

Monday, February 19


9:15 AM - K5.600

No Scherer Lab Meeting


12 Noon – Autophagy WIPS

Fei Wang, PhD

Assistant Professor, Center for Autophagy Research

“Revealing a novel Role of Autophagy in prospore membrane biogenesis during yeast gametogenesis”



 Tuesday, February 20


10:30 AM ­ Y6.224 

Hypothalamic WIP

No seminar this week


12 Noon ­ K5.600

Touchstone Diabetes Center Seminar

No seminar this week – see Metabolomics Seminar at 3pm


3PM – K5.600

Metabolomics Seminar

Robert Mohney, PhD


“Precision Metabolomics as a First-Line Phenotyping Tool”



 Wednesday, February 21





 Thursday, February 22


12 Noon - Y6.224

UT Southwestern Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism Program

Johnathan Cohen, PhD

UTSouthwestern Medical Center Dallas

Center for Human Nutrition


 Friday, February 23


8 AM -  D1.502

Internal Medicine Grand Rounds

Stephanie Brinker, M.D.

Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine

Division of General Internal Medicine

“The Internist’s Role in the Gun Violence Public Health Crisis”


1 PM - Y6.224

Endocrine Grand Rounds

Carlos Bernal-Mizrachi, M.D.

Washington University – St. Louis, MO

"New Roles of Macrophages in Hypertension and Cardiometabolic Syndrome"